COVID-19 Testing for Employers

Woman wearing personal protective equipment administering a COVID-19 antibody test at a drive-up COVID testing center

Scheduling a COVID-19 testing event for employees at your business

How it Works

First, our Street Team does neighborhood outreach by phone, in-person visit and email to share information about our COVID testing events and identify interested groups.


Once a business or group has expressed interest in participating in a COVID-19 testing event, we work with all businesses in the vicinity to find a convenient time for a testing event.  We also work with businesses to provide a privately owned, outdoor location like two parking spaces or any open area where we can set up our check in area and testing tent.


We send our secure, encrypted patient forms to each individual participant directly, or we provide the business with the link to forward to employees and associates.  Testing is most efficient when these forms are filled out in advance but we are also happy to provide help with the forms during the testing event

Medical professional administering a COVID-19 nasal swab test to a man in a car at a COVID-19 drive-thru testing center

We offer a 10% discount

The discount applies to the out-of-pocket visit cost to any business or group that coordinates 20 or more individuals to be tested.

Visit and Lab Test Costs

Testing is fully covered by most insurance plans so there is no out of pocket cost for getting employees tested. If insurance coverage is not available, testing fees are the total of the visit itself plus the cost of each test.  If paying by credit card, the patient visit is $95, the COVID PCR nasal swab is $85, and the antibody blood draw test is $45.  In the event your insurance is not taken by the practice, often the lab tests through Unipath still are.  Supported insurance providers are here.  

Woman wearing a mask, working on a laptop at a COVID-19 drive-thru testing center
Laboratory technician holding a COVID-19 test kit

Employee testing process


Our team arrives at the COVID-19 testing location 30 minutes before to set up.  Once paperwork is complete, COVID-19 testing itself takes less than 5 minutes a person.  After the testing event is over, our team breaks down in about 30 minutes.  


The lab picks up test samples every hour and takes them to the lab for testing.


COVID-19 test results are delivered to employees and associates via email or phone number provided on the secure patient form in 48 hours.


If you have any questions or would like to participate in a COVID testing event please email us at


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