Costs and Insurance

Coverage for

COVID-19 Testing

For your convenience, we have provided links to several of the major insurance companies so you can easily check your benefits and claim status.    

Insurance Coverage

Insurances we DO NOT Accept

Blue Cross Pathways

*Different than BCBS



Denver Medicaid  

*Different than CO Medicaid


COVID-19 Testing Prices Without Insurance Coverage

Self-pay pricing for the clinical visit is available for $95 plus the additional fee, based on the COVID-19 test you are taking

The COVID-19 Antibody blood test is priced at $45,

concluding the total bill at $140

The COVID-19 Viral Swab test is priced at $85 totaling the bill to $180 


If you are using the Self-pay pricing and want to have both tests done, the total bill will be $225

If you are NOT covered by insurance

The state provides free testing at a state testing site 

If you are symptomatic without a doctor’s note, do not have health insurance, we can still test you at the

self-pay rate.

Self-pay pricing for the clinical visit is available for $95 and collected at the time of your test. Additional laboratory fees are billed separately by Unipath on top of the $95 visit price.  The antibody blood draw costs $45 and the COVID-19 viral swab is $85. To reduce the spread of the virus, we are accepting credit cards only, no cash or checks for payment.